Our Executive Team

New York & Los Angeles

Stephen Adler

President & CEO

Bruce Mackenzie

President of Charity Brands Entertainment

Fares Saleh

Partner & Chief of Staff

Steward Johnson

Partner & VP of Business Development

Our Team

Dr Bart Fisher

VP of Governmental Affairs

Cameron Jacobson

Pharmaceutical Relations Associate

Ben Coleman

Matthew Klein

PhD Researcher & Strategy 

Zena Keilany

Head of Partnerships

Elvir Caranay

Cody Lynn

Creative Director

Isha Goel

Senior Creative Director

Max Hennessy

Business Development

Katerina Tiscornia

Account Executive

Dylan Heneghan

Data & Research Development

Katya Perricone

Senior Creative Director

Maya Sarmiento

Cody Lynn

Development & Strategy

Skyler Spinelli

Program Development Associate

Bryan Brown

Data Analyst Associate

Cody Lynn Abt

Account Executive

Ben Coleman

Compliance Officer

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